Oprah Winfrey is annoyed with people making big deal out of stomach flu

Gayle King discusses about Oprah Winfrey’s illness on SiriusXM’s show

By Web Desk
June 15, 2024
Gayle King: Oprah Winfrey does not know why people are acting like diarrhea is unusual

Oprah Winfrey is annoyed with people making a big deal out of her illness.

During an appearance on the latest episode of SiriusXM’s Gayle King In The House, Oprah’s friend Gayle opened up about the talk show host's stomach flu.


“I'm here to tell you, favourite listeners, Oprah is okay!” said the media mogul.

Earlier, a stomach flu reportedly kept Oprah away from missing a scheduled appearance during CBS Mornings on June 11.

“Something happened, you know, it wasn't just her. Several people around her got the stomach flu,” stated Gayle.

Oprah’s friend dished out specific symptoms, explaining, “I said on air that stuff was coming out of both sides. It was a mess.”

Gayle mentioned, “She had to go to the hospital, and she got an IV drip, and I was very clear. She went and got an IV drip. She was fine and she is fine,” in the light of Oprah’s case.

“The headline is 'Oprah Hospitalized, Best Friend Overshares.' I didn't overshare, this is the thing. I would've never said anything that I wouldn't say about myself. So, I really didn't think it as a big deal,” explained Gayle.

Oprah’s friend Gayle disclosed, “When I called her, told her, she goes, 'I don't know why people are acting like diarrhea is unusual. Sometimes people have it.’”

“She was not upset about it, but it turned into a — Oprah said everybody she's ever known her entire life, from Swaziland to Australia, childhood friends, 'Are you okay?' I'm praying for you,’” pointed out Gayle.

She added, “People are setting up prayer circles. She's okay. She had a IV drip and she is really, really fine.”