Dialogue on reintegration

June 15, 2024
The group photo of thedelegation from Frontex’s European Union Reintegration Programme (EURP) at an event hosted by WELDO. — LinkedIn/company/weldo

Islamabad: Recently, WELDO hosted a high-level delegation from Frontex’s European Union Reintegration Programme (EURP).


The delegation included representatives such as Dries Lensen, Head of Reintegration Assistance Sector from Frontex, Adrian Macovei, Assistant EURP Programme from Frontex, Katrijne Leyssen, representing Fedasi and Maxim Haas from BMI, Germany, says a press release.

During their visit, significant discussions were held focusing on the critical topics related to returns and reintegration. The dialogue was insightful, addressing the complexities and challenges associated with the reintegration process. Emphasis was placed on understanding the country-specific dynamics and their influence on the effectiveness of returns and reintegration efforts.

The delegation took the opportunity to meet with several returnees, gaining first-hand insights into their experiences and challenges. This interaction provided valuable perspectives on the ground realities and the impact of reintegration programmes on individuals.