KGTL sets new offloading benchmark

By Our Correspondent
June 15, 2024
A security personnel stands guard beside a ship carrying containers during the opening of a trade project in Gwadar port. — AFP/File

KARACHI: Karachi Gateway Terminal Limited (KGTL) has handled record offloading of 20,300 metric tons of rock phosphate within 24 hours at its multipurpose terminal.


The company issued a statement, calling the offloading milestone a testament to the collaborative efforts of KGTL and its customer Fatima Fertilizers, one of the largest importers of rock phosphate. It said that the efficiency and remarkable services provided by stevedoring operator Wiltrans Cargo Services (WCS) is commendable and instrumental in achieving this milestone.

According to CEO KGTL Khurram Khan, “This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment to efficiency and excellence in bulk operations....reflects the dedication and coordination between the stakeholders involved and underscores KGTL’s capability to handle large-scale operations swiftly and effectively.”

The company has said that it continues to enhance its operational capabilities, ensuring faster turnaround times and contributing to the overall growth and development of Pakistan's maritime industry. The terminal is committed to going the extra mile to enhance the quality of service, positioning Karachi Port as the preferred destination for both containerized and bulk cargo handling.