Kate Middleton's 'special' bond with late Queen explored in new doc

Kate Middleton shared many personality traits with the late Queen Elizabeth

By Web Desk
June 14, 2024
Kate Middleton 'special' bond with late Queen explored in new doc

Kate Middleton and the late Queen Elizabeth II gradually fostered a special bond following the former’s marriage to Prince William.

Royal experts gathered to divulge the intricacies of the pair’s bond in upcoming documentary, Kate & The Queen: A Special Relationship, slated to air on Channel 5 on Saturday.


Richard Kay, editor-at-large at the Daily Mail,shared, “The queen grew to trust Kate. I don't think she really trusted anyone on first impression, we're all performing the same show, the show is supporting the Queen.”

“But with Kate and the Queen it grew deeper than that, there was a real grandmotherly affection between the two”, he explained.

Ingrid Seward, royal expert and editor of Majesty magazine echoed similar sentiments, noting: “I think the Queen saw her strength and saw that she is a caring person who had this amazing affiliation to duty.

“I think Kate would have really appreciated the kindness and attention the Queen had given to her, and she knows better than anyone how busy the Queen is. She put time aside to make Kate feel appreciated.”

“The Queen was perfectly aware of how daunting it was for an outsider to join the royal family, so they would have had their techniques of making someone look at home,” Simon Vigar, Channel 5's royal correspondent added.

Relaying Kate’s feelings, royal expert Victoria Murphy added that she always described the Queen as “a gentle guidance”.

“Right from the beginning, Kate had a lot more in common personality wise with Elizabeth.

“They have something about them which has that inner poise and the capacity to lead and command respect,” she added.