Meghan Markle gives into Prince Harry's UK plans?

Prince Harry has been reported to be house-hunting in the UK

By Web Desk
June 14, 2024
Prince Harry has been reported to be house-hunting in the UK

King Charles’ former palace aide has divulged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘original’ plan after leaving the royal family nearly four years ago.

Speaking to the New York Post, Grant Harrold reflected on recent reports suggesting the Duke of Sussex’s longing to return to the UK and be closer to his roots.


“If Harry does buy a place in the UK, he and Meghan will live here for part of they year and part of the year in the States, that was the original idea,” he shared.

“I would assume that this would mean Meghan would also be coming to the UK and you’d see them spending so many months of the year here.”

Harrold explained the duchess would never agree to the idea of permanently living in Britain due to her hostile treatment at the hands of general public as well as the royals.

“I don’t see Meghan wanting to be in the UK permanently — I think that was the whole idea of why they went out to the States in the first place,” the former palace staff explained.

“I can believe that Harry would like to be back here, he loves the UK. He had an amazing upbringing here, he loved living here and I remember that,” Harrold noted on behalf of Spin Genie.

“[Harry] knows that he has an American wife and technically an American family, so it would have to be 50/50,” he added.