BTS’ Jin’s hug event marred by harassment speculation

BTS sensation Jin hugged 1000 fans at the special hug event

By Web Desk
June 14, 2024
Majority ARMY members are not happy with the female fans kissing Jin

Jin wanted to celebrate his return from mandatory military service along his fans with a free hug event. However, it stirred some controversy.

According to Koreanboo, on Thursday, June 13, some female fans kissed the Moon crooner while hugging him.


After the video went viral, netizen and the ARMY flooded social media with vexed reactions, standing up for the singer, 31, who could be seen quite uncomfortable with the kissing move.

One user wrote, "Seriously, what is wrong with her?"

Another expressed astonishment at the fact that there were more than one fan who kissed Jin, saying, "She’s not the only one to try this? Crazy."

The third fan said, "I knew something like this was going to happen… The label and fans who said this wouldn’t happen are the weird ones."

"I don’t even want to call her a fan. She crossed a line," a fourth fan added.

"Isn’t this sexual harassment?" a fifth user raised eyebrows, noting to the oldest member of BTS being uncomfortable.

In addition, at the event after some fans bumped into him in excitement while coming to hug him, Jin asked them to come "slowly, slowly" and requested, "Don’t attack, please."

This event was exclusively for the fans who remained by Jin's side during his military enlistment. He stood for three hours to hug 1000 fans at the 2024 FESTA celebrations.