Rachel Leviss excited to watch ex Tom Sandoval in ‘Traitors’ season 3

Rachel Leviss deems her ex Tom Sandoval as 'master manipulator'

By Web Desk
June 14, 2024
Rachel Leviss says 'It would be very interesting' to watch her ex Tom Sandoval in Traitors season 3

Rachel Leviss added The Traitors season three on her must-watch shows list because of Tom Sandoval’s stint on the show.

According to Entertainment Tonight, in the latest episode of Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the Vanderpump Rules alum says his ex is a "master manipulator," and it would be interesting to watch him in a show where he would be encouraged to use his manipulative nature to the fullest extent.


"I think I might have to tune in to watch that," she said. "... I have been watching last season's Traitors. The dynamic is very interesting... I may have to tune in for this because I feel like he is a master manipulator."

"It would be very interesting to see his tactics in a situation where it's encouraged to be manipulative," Rachel explained.

"Put on your psychology cap for this one 'cause it sounds very entertaining,'" she added during the IHeart Radio podcast.

Additionally, in the upcoming season of the American reality show, Sandoval, 41, will be vying for the winning title with Bachelorette’s fan favourite Gabby Windey, Big Brothers alums Britney Haynes and Danielle Reyes and Survivors legends Rob Mariano, Jeremy Collin, Tony Vlachos, and Carolyn Wiger among other familiar faces.