Meghan Markle seemingly fails to impress Sophie Trudeau

Meghan Markle given cold shoulder by Sophie Trudeau

By Web Desk
June 13, 2024
Meghan Markle seemingly fails to impress Sophie Trudeau

Sophie Trudeau, who was previously married to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has recently given Meghan Markle the cold shoulder.

Sophie, in a brutal 10-worded snub earlier this year, told The Times: "I know her... but we haven't spent much time together." She was seemingly refusing to confirm an existing friendship with the Duchess of Sussex.


The Duchess invited Ms Trudeau on to her Spotify podcast Archetypes in November 2022, where the pair spoke about the challenges of parenting and being a partner to Justin and Harry.

Meghan described a day of laughter and fun that the pair spent at her Montecito mansion, where their children played in the swimming pool on pizza-shaped floats.

She introduced Sophie Trudeau as a "humanitarian mother" she met in Toronto, where Meghan was living while filming a hit TV show, Suits.

The Duchess revealed Sophie used to send her "little meditations" during her pregnancy and voice notes "of encouragement".

However, in a recent interview, Sophie turned the conversation over to Meghan's sister-in-law instead and revealed her "heart just sunk" when she heard about Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis.

According to the book, Finding Freedom, Meghan became friendly with Sophie in 2016 after meeting her husband Justin, who has been Canada's prime minister since 2015, at the One Young World summit in Ottawa that year.

It is unclear why Sophie did not confirm an existing friendship with Meghan, but the Duchess has also been criticised for her "strategic friendship" with former best friend Jessica Mulroney.