Jessica Alba shares valuable advice with her children if they enter into Hollywood

Jessica Alba shares three children with her husband Cash Warren

By Web Desk
June 13, 2024
Jessica Alba shares key tip with her children if they ever enter into showbiz

Jessica Alba has recently shared valuable advice with her three children if they ever go into entertainment industry.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the Dark Angel actress said, “The thing is, I think if you tell your kid anything, they're going to do the opposite, right? So, I try not to have too strong opinions one way or another.”


Jessica, who shares three children with her husband Cash Warren, believed that she wanted her children to have a leadership role in show business.

“If they do want to be a performer, then being able to be a producer and a writer, or a director,” continued the Honey actress.

Jessica, who stepped down as chief creative officer of the Honest Company in April, stated, “I think having that leadership role is really important to the art and be part of the art in a way where they feel like they can have more autonomy and there's more dignity.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Fantastic Four star revealed that her own experience as a young actress had affected her perspective.

“You're just so happy to be there and it's like, 'Did the check clear?' And there's a desperation like, 'Please God, I need this job’,” she mentioned.

Jessica explained, “You're just taking roles to survive, which teaches grit and perseverance, but I do wish I would've had the skill set and the wherewithal to write and to know about writing and directing and producing earlier in my career.”

Meanwhile, Jessica will next be seen in new Netflix action, Trigger Warning, which will begin streaming on June 21.