King Charles security 'at risk' as rift with Prince Andrew worsens

Prince Andrew and King Charles' rift is growing as tensions escalate over security

By Web Desk
June 13, 2024
King Charles security ‘at risk’ as rift with Prince Andrew worsens

Prince Andrew is continuing to be a thorn at his brother King Charles’ side as he refuses to budge from the Royal Lodge.

The constant refusal of the disgraced duke to leave the 30-room royal mansion is worsening the security headache of the monarch, per GB News Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker.


Given that Andrew was stripped off of his royal patronages and military titles, the duke is unemployed and unable to afford the upkeep of the expansive estate, which he is currently sharing with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

In a previous report by Daily Mail, the actual state of the Royal Lodge, which is in a state of “sad neglect” with the “paint peeling from the walls in sheets” amid other damage on the property.

Walker noted that the upkeep is “£260,000 a year” and since he not a working member of the royal family, he is thought to be relying on “some kind of inheritance from the late Queen, but it's not thought to be very much.”

As for the security, the royal correspondent explained that Royal Lodge is “not in the guarded perimeter of Windsor Castle, which means it needs its own separate security.”

And since Andrew was forced to step back as a working member of the Royal Family, he lost that security, King Charles has been paying for it “out of his own pocket to secure his brother and keep him safe.”

The comments come after sources revealed that Charles is threatening to cut ties with Andrew if he kept resisting moving into Frogmore Cottage amid reports that rift between Charles and Andrew is even worse than estranged siblings Prince William and Prince Harry, who are not even on speaking terms with one another.