King Charles issued new warning ahead of his big day

King Charles warned against taking major risk ahead of his big day

By Web Desk
June 13, 2024
King Charles putting life at risk to save monarchy

King Charles III has been issued a new warning about his health as he does not seem to slow down.

The 75-year-old has been urged to follow in Kate Middleton's footsteps to get well soon as medical specialists believe the monarch's health condition may deteriorate if he does not stop taking risk.


Queen Camilla has also feared about her husband's health, revealing that the King is "doing fine" but he "won't do what he is told."

The King's appearance at a D-Day event in Portsmouth on Wednesday was his first public speech and most high-profile appearance since his cancer diagnosis.

Prince William and Harry's father Charles will take part in the upcoming Trooping the Colour ceremony. He will inspect the soldiers from a carriage rather than on horseback as has been done in previous years.

The Royal Record podcast Digital Royal Editor Svar Nanan-Sen discussed a poll of GB News members which revealed the most of the people believe the King should "slow down".

Svar said: "209 members voted in the poll, and 74 per cent voted yes, Charles should slow down. "21 per cent voted no and 5 per cent said they didn't know. So three-quarters of our members would like to see the King take on fewer engagements during this period, and prioritise his health."

He also lauded Kate's approach to focus on his health, saying: "Something that I think we can also look at off the back of this poll is that there's support for the Princess of Wales and the approach she's taken.

"We haven't seen her conduct any royal engagements since December 2023 and she said during her cancer announcement that she was going to prioritise her health. Maybe our viewers would like to see Charles take a similar approach."

Cameron Walker reacted: "I suppose the difference between the King and the Princess of Wales is the speculation and the horrible conspiracy theories online are all targeting the Princess of Wales rather than the King.

"I think it shows that there is genuine concern for our monarch. He's in his 70s, we know he's undergoing cancer treatment. His various staff members, and of course the Queen, has alluded to the fact that he is a bit of a workaholic. He doesn't like sitting still. He likes being seen. He likes being out and about and he seems to have been ramping the number of engagements he has been doing."

The royal correspondent also explained that Buckingham Palace has already confirmed that the King would be returning to some form of public duties, is that every engagement will be on doctor's advice.

"There have been adaptions made. So, for example, with the D-Day commemorations last week, he only appeared for half of the Portsmouth commemorations.

"He also only appeared for the British commemoration in Normandy. He didn't go to the International one, Prince William represented him on his behalf.

"Equally, on Saturday he will be in a carriage during Trooping the Colour. He won't be riding a horse. So adaptions are being made and I think what we need to do is perhaps trust doctors advice."

According to the journalist, "What's interesting so far is the Queen saying he's not doing what he's told. So does that suggest that the doctors are advising him to slow down and he's not doing so?"