Hearing of three children restored

By Our Correspondent
June 13, 2024
Punjab IG Dr Usman Anwar while speaking in this still taken from a video released on October 24, 2023. — X/OfficialDPRPP

LAHORE : Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab, Dr Usman Anwar Wednesday met three children of cops after their successful cochlear implant surgeries.


The IGP discussed the treatment measures for the employees’ children with DIG Welfare Punjab Ghazi Muhammad Salahuddin and said more than 2,000 children of cops were being accorded comprehensive treatment support. He was happy to see Fiza, Nimra, Hadi, and their parents thanked him for his cooperation.

The IGP said cochlear implant surgeries have been performed on 18 children with hearing impairments and 176 children were provided with hearing aids and Punjab Police has spent Rs 32.6 million on cochlear implant surgeries of these children. The IGP said ongoing health welfare initiatives for the cops’ children include support for over 550 children suffering from cerebral palsy and more than 150 children affected by thalassemia, along with providing monthly stipends to ensure they face no difficulties in receiving treatment.

DIG Welfare Ghazi Muhammad Salahuddin said heart surgeries, treatments for backbone problems, disabilities, and other serious illnesses of police employees' children have been conducted, and all these health welfare measures are funded through welfare funds deducted from police employees' salaries.