No reason to celebrate

By News Desk
June 13, 2024

This refers to the article ‘Modi is cut to size’ by Ghazi Salahuddin (June 9) and earlier news items about the 2024 Indian general election results. I agree to an extent that Indian voters have sent a message to Narendra Modi and his BJP and allies by giving them substantially fewer seats than expected in the Lok Sabha. However, I don't think there is any reason for excessive celebration or optimism.


Objectively, very little will change in India as Modi begins his record third term. He remains strong, with the support of around 40 per cent of India's caste Hindu population, control over the civil and military services, and financial backing from the richest and most corrupt Indian entrepreneurs. He remains very powerful and intent on continuing and expanding his political agenda. Already, he has commenced attacks against his political opponents. He has refused to invite any Chinese or Pakistani senior leadership to his swearing-in, signaling his hostility and hinting at expanding Indian political and economic interests in the region at all costs. In his post-election addresses, he has shown neither humility nor regret for his previous actions, instead displaying clear antagonism towards Indian Muslims and other minorities. The opposition is unlikely to do much outside of parliamentary debates to check this. In Pakistan, we should not expect anything positive from this election, nor should we imagine Modi has been weakened.

M Hashim Khan