Modi’s third stint

By News Desk
June 13, 2024

Narendra Modi’s re-election as prime minister of India is a matter of great importance, particularly for Pakistan and the broader South Asian region. This development is important for Pakistan and its people. His previous two terms have also been marked by increasing nationalism and strained relations with neighbouring countries, especially Pakistan. From a Pakistani perspective, Modi’s third term could have mixed results. A stable leadership might bring about a more predictable political situation, possibly opening doors for peace talks. A prosperous India could also mean better opportunities for trade and cooperation, which would benefit Pakistan’s economy.


However, we cannot ignore the past. Modi’s government has been criticized for its treatment of Muslims in India. This includes the revocation of Article 370, which changed the status of Occupied Kashmir and increased tensions between India and Pakistan. These actions have caused a lot of concern and have made relations more difficult. The leaders of both countries must focus on peace and stability instead of political differences. Millions of people in South Asia would benefit from a cooperative approach to resolving conflicts.

Wasif Khaliq Dad