Apple to launch game-changing new iPhone app

Cupertino-based tech giant introducing advanced version of present iCloud Keychain feature

By Web Desk
June 08, 2024
"Passwords" app will launch across iOS for iPhone, iPadOS for iPad, and macOS for Mac computers.—ZDNET viaJune Wan/File

Apple is set to launch a brand-new iPhone app, which will revolutionise how users interact with the internet and their phones, Forbes reported.

The app is called Passwords, and it will be fully incorporated into the iPhone. For iPhone users, it may be a game-changer if done well.


As per Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the app will be announced at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, scheduled to start on June 10.

According to Gurman, passwords will also be available for the iPad and Mac and "can generate passwords and keep track of them."

It is an advanced version of the present iCloud Keychain feature, which enables users to sync account information and passwords across devices. Although it's now hidden in the system settings, this will be a distinct app that might motivate users to use passwords more frequently and more effectively.

Gurman says: "The app features a list of user logins and splits details into different categories, such as accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and Passkeys, an Apple-promoted password replacement that relies on Face ID and Touch ID.

"Like most password managers, the data can be auto-filled into websites and apps when a user goes to log in. The software will also work on the Vision Pro headset and Windows computers. And it can support verification codes and serve as an authentication app similar to Google Authenticator."