Demi Lovato lays bare her mental health struggles like never before

Demi Lovato admitted to have been in five in-patient mental health treatments

By Web Desk
June 04, 2024
Demi Lovato gets candid about finding 'hope'

Demi Lovato recently got candid about finding “hope” following five mental health treatments.

Speaking exclusively during a healthy discussion with Dr. Charlie Shaffer on Monday, June 3, the 31-year-old singer talked about evolution.


She explained: "I have been to inpatient treatment five times, and it has something that every single time I walked back into a treatment center, I felt defeated.”

At the event hosted by Wintour and Tory Burch, the actress continued: "And I know that experience firsthand, but I think the glimmer of hope was when I started putting in the work and I started to, whether it was work, a program, or talk to my treatment team and build relationships there."

Lovato claimed that things “definitely felt different” after her fifth in-patient mental health treatment.

"I think the glimmer of hope started to change when I started to find joy in the little things in life. And that was something that was so foreign to me before because I was so used to, so used to not seeing hope, she added.

In addition, she further talked about experiencing change in the little things through prescribed medication.