Risking it all

By News Desk
May 31, 2024

Many of our fellow citizens dream of a better future beyond our country’s borders. Some are driven to emigrate illegally due to economic difficulties, political instability and limited opportunities. However, attempting an illegal journey comes with significant risks. Human trafficking is a serious issue, as desperate individuals become victims of unscrupulous traffickers who exploit their vulnerability. These traffickers promise safe passage but subject migrants to unimaginable suffering, both physically and emotionally.


Crossing borders secretly involves taking dangerous routes – across deserts, mountains, or treacherous seas. Lives are lost, families are separated and dreams are shattered. Moreover, entering another country without proper documentation can lead to detention, deportation and even imprisonment. Health risks are also prevalent, with overcrowded boats, unsanitary conditions, and lack of medical care exposing migrants to diseases that impact not only them but also host communities. Instead of seeking opportunities abroad, let us focus on unlocking the untapped potential in Pakistan.

Azeem Hakro