Partners in crime

By News Desk
May 31, 2024

This refers to the news report ‘People burnt alive as Israeli forces kill 160 Palestinians in last 24 hours’ (May 27, 2024). I suppose this is the rude reply of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the International Court of Justice after it ordered the immediate halt of the Rafah offensive. Of course, the continuing genocide of the Palestinians had been made possible with the ‘moral’, diplomatic and material help provided by the US, which has supplied Israel with tons of lethal ammunition to be rained down on Palestinian civilians under the pretext of fighting Hamas.


In most cases, those who abetted the crime are punished along with those who committed it. However, in the present case where even the main criminal has not been intimidated, much less punished, his accomplice US President Joe Biden is unlikely to be inconvenienced. And so much for the rules-based world order that the US and its allies keep boasting about.

SRH Hashmi