King Charles, William, Kate receive serious warning from anti-monarchy chief

Chief of anti-monarchy group took aim at King Charles, Prince William and Princess Kate

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
King Charles, William, Kate receive serious warning from anti-monarchy group

King Charles and his brood of working royals are receiving calls of title removal from chief executive of anti-monarchy group.

In a conversation with GB News host Cameron Walker on The Royal Record podcast, Graham Smith reflected on Republic’s goal for a “democratic from top to bottom and parliamentary system” with an elected head of state instead of a constitutional monarchy.


He also explained the practicalities of stripping the royal family of their privileges, beginning from their titles and beyond, in a bid to promote equality among citizens.

He said: “Republic is about being equal citizens. In a republic like that then obviously you can’t have aristocratic titles and royal titles.”

Smith continued: “So Charles would be Charles Windsor and he will be a citizen like anyone else, he’ll pay taxes like anyone else and he will be free to stand for election or not or just go off and live a nice life of luxury.

“He’ll still be very rich but he will be free of the obligations of royalty, free of the titles of royalty and he’ll have obligations to pay tax.

“If the royals were to lose their titles they would no longer be addressed as His or Her Royal Highness and all prince and princess titles would be removed,” added Graham.