Kourtney Kardashian shocks Khloe with macabre blood gift for Travis Barker

Simon Huck reacts in horror to Kourtney Kardashian's gift to Travis Barker

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Kourtney and Travis Barker's love takes bizarre turn.

Kourtney Kardashian left her sister Khloe speechless with the shocking revelation of a unique gift she made for her husband, Travis Barker.

The 45-year-old reality star disclosed to her younger sister, Khloe that she had given Travis a vial of her own blood as a romantic gesture.


Known for their displays of affection, Kourtney and Travis have previously exchanged gifts like rooms filled with flowers and exquisite diamond jewelry.

However, things took an unexpectedly bizarre turn on this week's episode of The Kardashians, when Kourtney unveiled that the couple had exchanged vials of their own blood.

The episode began with her, who was on bedrest following a rare fetal surgery, receiving a visit from Khloe.

While flipping through the pages, Kourtney casually mentioned, "Did you see my blood vial in there?" leaving Khloe momentarily speechless.

A confused Khloe responded, "What? No." Encouraging her to take another look, Kourtney insisted, "Gotta see the blood."

When she finally noticed it, she asked, "It's a real thing of blood?" Kourtney confirmed, explaining they exchanged their blood "just to, like, have each other’s."

"To wanna show off your blood vials is also like, alright, if that's what you're into, but... it's very Billy Bob Thornton of them.

And, like, my every minute of the day, do I wanna be harnessing a tube of blood? Not for me, but that's what makes the world go round. Rock on with your bad self!"

The vials also elicited a strong reaction from Kourtney's friend Simon Huck. Shocked by the revelation, he exclaimed, "It's sick.

I don't even wanna comment on it. And is there still blood in it?" When Kourtney confirmed there was, Simon questioned, "Are you okay? Is that, like, healthy and safe?"