Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir Spare Part two ‘on its way’

Prince Harry to ‘ease in’ into biggest financial success despite King Charles’ warnings

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir Spare Part two ‘on its way’

Prince Harry may not be able to hold back on many more royal secrets in the future despite where his relationship with the royal family may stand.

According to royal author, Robert Hardman, the Duke of Sussex is planning a sequel to his explosive memoir Spare, which may tarnish his relationship with the royals for good.


Hardman suggested that in Spare, “if you get to the bit about his wedding to Meghan, it boils down really to about four or five pages.”

He continued, “Now, as an author, that says to me one thing and one thing only: part two might be on its way.”

Per Hardman’s claims, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield shared that Harry’s bombshell memoir earned the Sussexes the most commercial success aside from the Netflix docuseries.

She also noted that “over the 25 pages were removed from the manuscript” not only the lawyers’ recommendation but also to not hurt the sentiments of King Charles and Prince William.

Despite that, Spare deepened the rift between Harry and his father and brother.

Given that the monarch was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and William is also had the unfortunate news of his wife having cancer, it remains to be seen if Harry will follow through with his plans.

Or, Prince Harry may even spare the feelings of his family.