North Korea sends balloons of ‘trash, faeces’ into South

May 30, 2024
This handout photo taken by the South Korean Defense Ministry between the night of May 28 and 29, 2024 and released on May 29 shows unidentified objects believed to be North Korean propaganda leaflets on a street in Seoul. — AFP

SEOUL: North Korea has sent balloons full of trash, toilet paper and suspected animal faeces into the South, local media reports said on Wednesday, with Seoul´s military slamming Pyongyang for their “low class” actions.

Photographs showing white balloons bearing garbage bags full of trash and what appeared to be excrement were shared widely by South Korean media, after the North warned this weekend it would shower border areas in “mounds of wastepaper and filth” to punish Seoul.


Seoul´s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that “unidentified objects believed to be North Korean propaganda leaflets have been identified in the Gyeonggi-Gangwon border area and the military is taking action”.

“Citizens should refrain from outdoor activities, do not come into contact with any unknown objects, and report them to the nearest military base or police,” it said in a statement sent to AFP.

It said that the North´s actions “clearly violate international laws and seriously threaten the safety of our people,” saying some of the balloons had contained suspected trash, which the military was checking.

“We sternly warn the North to immediately stop its inhumane and low-class actions,” it added. Late Tuesday night, Gyeonggi province issued a text message alert to residents saying: “Refrain from outdoor activities and report (objects from North Korea) to military bases when identified.”