Katy Perry urges for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Katy Perry re-shares UNICEF’s message after Israeli airstrikes hit Rafah on Sunday

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Katy Perry calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire

Katy Perry has recently urged for immediate ceasefire in Gaza after Israeli airstrikes hit Rafah on May 26.

Taking to Instagram on May 29, the singer reposted a message from UNICEF, calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza strip as well as an “end to senseless killing of children”.


Perry shared the words of UNICEF’s Executive Director Catherine Russell to denounce the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza.

The statement mentioned about Sunday's deadly strike on a displacement camp which killed at least 45 civilians.

In a statement, Russell said, “The images of burned children and families emerging from bombed tents in Rafah shocks us all. The reported killing of children sheltering in makeshift tents is unconscionable.”

Russell further stated that they have “witnessed this tragedy unfold in over seven months,” which resulted in “thousands of children killed or injured”.

In the end, Russell added, “There must be an immediate ceasefire, the unconditional release of all hostages, and an end to the senseless killing of children.”

In the caption, the songstress re-shared UNICEF’s statement, saying, “A military besiegement and ground incursion in Rafah, Gaza, poses a catastrophic risk to the children sheltering there.”

“Many of the children cramped in Rafah have been displaced multiple times and have lost homes, parents and loved ones. Thousands are injured, malnourished, traumatized or living with disabilities,” it read.

The statement added, “They must be protected, along with the few remaining basic services and infrastructure they need to survive.”

Meanwhile, Perry turned off the comment section on the post.