District headquarters of Rescue 1122 to be established: CS

By Salis bin Perwaiz
May 30, 2024
Sindh Chief Secretary Syed Asif Hyder Shah gestures during a meeting on April 2, 2024. — Facebook/Chief Secretary Sindh

Sindh Chief Secretary Syed Asif Hyder Shah on Wednesday announced the plan to establish district headquarters of the Rescue 1122 service and satellite centres along motorways and highways. Officials said the announcement was made during a meeting Shah chaired to evaluate the performance of Rescue 1122 and its future strategies.


Rehabilitation Secretary Waseem Shamshad and Rescue 1122 Director General Abid Shaikh told the meeting that the provincial government has taken significant steps by establishing the divisional headquarters of Rescue 1122.

The meeting was told that Rescue 1122 has successfully responded to 557,330 medical emergencies, 634 fire incidents, 35 building collapses and 94 drowning cases since 2022, showcasing its crucial role in emergency services.

The meeting also highlighted the integrated efforts of Rescue 1122, which includes representatives from various security agencies, K-Electric, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and other organisations. Rescue 1122 is actively working on urban emergency responses, including ambulance services, fire brigade operations and water rescue missions, the meeting was told.

CS Shah stressed the importance of preparedness for facing any potential natural disasters. He directed Rescue 1122 to conduct a thorough inventory of heavy machinery available in the province.

He stressed that the entry of heavy machinery into public and private institutions should be coordinated through Rescue 1122 to ensure readiness and efficient disaster management.

He announced that district headquarters of Rescue 1122 would be established in all the districts, while rescue centres would be set up every 50 kilometres along motorways and highways across the province to ensure swift response times.

Moreover, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority has been instructed to enhance its capacities in order to support the expanded scope of the operations of Rescue 1122.

This meeting marks a significant step in strengthening the emergency response infrastructure in Sindh, ensuring that Rescue 1122 remains well-equipped and prepared to handle any crisis effectively.