PTI asks CJP, CEC to look into Nawaz’s election

PTI spokesman said there was no need to comment on politics of these people after decision made by people through their vote slip on February 8

By Mumtaz Alvi
May 29, 2024
PML-N President Nawz Sharif addresses the party's General Council Meeting in Lahore on May 28, 2024, in this still taken from a video. — Geo News

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) and the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) to scrutinize Nawaz Sharif’s election to PMLN’s top office on par with the criterion applied to the PTI party elections.


The PTI spokesman said, “Even after more than 30 years of its establishment, the status of the PMLN is nothing more than the personal estate of the Sharifs and the inheritance for their young children.”

The PTI spokesman said there was no need to comment on the politics of these people after the decision made by people through their vote slip on February 8. “The election commission and the supreme court should take notice of the unopposed election of the fugitive and analyze it on the same criteria on which the fair elections of the PTI were tested. The nation is watching every role sitting on the state thrones very carefully and will deal with those who deviate from the Constitution and the law.”

Meanwhile, the PTI rejected the PMLN statements about May 28 celebration as ‘absurd’ and said said regime was attempting to use the national atomic program for their political gains and using of public funds to that effect.

He said Pakistan’s nuclear program was a great national asset which was acquired by the nation by ‘cutting its belly’. However, he showered praise on the scientists for making Pakistan a nuclear power and made it clear that the program was materialized owing to the competent, hardworking and intelligent patriotic scientists under the unwavering leadership of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

The spokesperson warned that the fast-dwindling economy became a cause for a continuous threat to the national integrity and security. He made it clear that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and the PTI were the guardians of national interests and would fight against the corrupt and oppressive regime until the end.

The spokesperson said the PTI rejected ‘venomous propaganda’ against Imran Khan and his party on the basis of the fall of Dhaka and blamed ex-premier Zulfikar AIi Bhutto for his alleged role in it.

He pointed out that whenever Bhutto’s political heirs turned their faces towards history, it left them red-faced, adding that Zardari’s followers, especially Sherry, who was trying to teach history lessons, needed to recall their leader Bhutto’s complicit role in the fall of Dhaka.

He Imran and the PTI briefly mentioned the events of the 70s with the purpose to take guidance from history and avoid repeating the painful history that led to disintegration of Pakistan. “If Imran Khan is not a patriot, there is no patriot in this country, and if he is not loyal to Pakistan,” the spokesperson said, adding that Imran Khan or his workers had no hand in the biggest crime in history against the country and nation.