Urban heat island

By News Desk
May 29, 2024

Now that the month of May is almost over, Karachi is starting to feel the summer heat and humidity, setting the stage for the traditional summer months of June and July. In fact, the city is already experiencing a heatwave and motorcyclists are the ones most affected by this harsh weather. The lack of green cover in the city only exacerbates the problem and many people are now at risk of developing serious health problems such as heatstroke. Trees serve an important role in regulating temperatures by providing shade and absorbing carbon dioxide. However, as a result of unregulated urban development, Karachi has an alarming lack of green spaces.


I am a university student and commute by motorbike. The Karsaz and Samama roads used to be my favourites because of the tall trees covering the whole road. Unfortunately, people appear to be cutting down those trees too. Cutting down trees and deforestation should be penalized to avoid disastrous climatic changes. The rise in temperatures is a major concern and planting trees and encouraging forestation presents a simple yet powerful solution.

Poorab Pirzada