Kerry Katona 'disappointed' at daughter's plans to move out

Kerry Katona opened up about her heartbreak following her daughter's plan to attend arts school in Liverpool

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Kerry Katona opens up about daughter's career plans

Kerry Katona recently expressed disappointment over daughter’s plans to to attend a performing arts school in Liverpool.

Opening up about her heartbreak in the exclusive OK! Magazine column on Monday, May 20, Katona revealed that she “can’t cope” as Heidi planned to leave the “nest” for her GCSEs.


Despite heading out on “a little date night in London” ahead of her departure, the former Atomic Kitten star said she is “really” going to miss her “golden child.”

The 43-year-old actress told the outlet: "Heidi and I are going to have a little date night in London this week as I’m doing some work there and I’m taking her along.

"We have such a laugh together – she’s my golden child. She’s moving to Liverpool to go to a performing arts school in the summer once she finishes her GCSEs and I’m really going to miss her. I can’t cope!"

In addition, the mom-of-five also offered an insight into her special bond with Heidi.

She penned: "She hates to admit it, but Heidi is definitely a mummy’s girl, so she’ll miss me too."

In reference to two of her other children, Katona explained: "Soon I’m only going to have Max and DJ at home, who will still be at each other’s throats."