Kate Middleton's whereabouts revealed as conspiracy theories gain steam

Kensington Palace broke silence on current whereabouts of Princess Kate

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Kate Middleton's whereabouts revealed as conspiracy theories gain steam

Kate Middleton has reportedly been getting back to normal life as she continues her battle with cancer behind doors.

Writing for the Daily Mail, royal author Rebecca English cited palace officials to relay latest health update for the Princess of Wales.


As per the report, she has been “out and about more with her family in recent weeks, ” taking time out from her preventative chemotherapy.

Kensington Palace also reassured well wishers that they are “so touched” by “tens of thousands” of get-well-soon cards ever since Kate’s cancer diagnosis was revealed.

However, they apparently stressed: “she still needs time and space to recover,” as per the outlet.

The latest update comes on the heels of swirling conspiracy theories regarding the future Queen’s whereabouts as she remains out of the public eye for the last five months.

Kate was previously reported to have undergone abdominal surgery for a mysterious condition in January, following which a cancer was discovered on an undisclosed site during post-op tests.

Despite her break from public duties, the mom of three has been privy to the latest progress in her Early Years’ project.

It was revealed last week that Kate has been the “driving force” behind a new report calling on businesses to introduce more family-friendly working practices.

However, the palace reiterated her continued respite from public-facing duties until being green-lit by her medical team.