May 28 shining example of national resolve, solidarity: PTI

Nation decided to run its nuclear program by facing financial hardships in view of principle of maintaining minimum defense capability and to maintain balance of power in region: PTI spokesman said

By Mumtaz Alvi
May 28, 2024
PTI workers at an election rally. — AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Monday said Pakistan’s successful nuclear tests on May 28 were a shining example of national resolve and solidarity but a certain group of criminals was trying to use the peaceful nuclear program for their political purposes.


Commenting on May 28 nuclear explosions, conducted by Pakistan in 1998, a PTI spokesman said the nation decided to run its nuclear program by facing financial hardships in view of the principle of maintaining minimum defense capability and to maintain the balance of power in the region.

“All the stages from the beginning to the end of the nuclear program, more than any conventional centre of power, are marked by public support and participation. In terms of economy and size, it was important to meet the needs of defense against an enemy many times bigger than itself, the nation fulfilled this responsibility well,” he argued.

Scientists with expertise and excellence, he recalled, had worked day and night to make the security of the country invincible, rising above personal interests. However, he contended that those who keep nurturing their personal interests at the centre of their politics, the nation has strictly stopped them from committing any foolishness on the nuclear program.

“The testimonies of many writers, especially those directly related to Pakistan’s nuclear program, are on record. Former foreign ministers Gohar Ayub Khan and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan had told the nation how Nawaz Sharif’s platelets were falling after India carried out blasts,” he said.

The nation, he said, had closed all escape routes for the eternal fugitive by giving a clear message that Nawaz Sharif himself will explode if he does not carry out a nuclear explosion. He continued the claims of those, who looted the national treasury to weaken the country and those who put their interests above the national interest, to enrich the country with nuclear capability, were nothing more than a mockery.

The PTI spokesman said by playing havoc with the economy and brought to power by stealing the people’s mandate, they are directly putting Pakistan’s national security at serious risk.

“Instead of making official narratives, very serious and practical steps are needed in view of the fragility of the situation, the decision makers should realize and refrain from doing negative experiences,” he maintained.

Separately, a PTI spokesperson said Pakistan was in the grip of the worst dictatorship of an individual in the aftermath of the regime change operation, as the country was deprived of its constitution and law.

Reacting to the statement of a well-known businessman, the spokesperson said not only politicians but also judges, journalists, lawyers, traders and businessmen and people from all walks of life were being targeted and harassed and forced to the will and the whims of an individual.

He said in this system of giving oxygen to the power of individual, it had become a tradition to be forced into submission through bullying, coercion and oppression.

The PTI spokesperson stated that under the same chain of oppression, nearly 203 false, bogus and politically motivated cases were registered against the PTI founder chairman Imran Khan, including the Al-Qadir Trust case. He stated that no system of oppression and tyranny in the world could sustain for long, and if it was set up, it would eventually collapse.