Rahimyar Khan police to take over Katcha area

Decision comes after years of persistent criminal activity and insufficient success in previous operations

By Sher Ali Khalti
May 28, 2024
Police personnel brief senior officials on security situation at an undisclosed situation. — Facebook/Police Department Rahim Yar khan/File

LAHORE: In a significant move to enhance law enforcement and restore order to the troubled Kutcha Area, the Punjab Home Department has prepared a summary to transfer policing responsibilities from Rajanpur to Rahimyar Khan.


The decision comes after years of persistent criminal activity and insufficient success in previous operations.Talking to The News, Noorul Amin Mengal, Secretary of the Punjab Home Department, said that the Kutcha Area, known for its challenging terrain and dense forests, is located just five kilometres from Rahim Yar Khan Police, whereas it is 35 kilometres from Rajanpur Police.

This proximity is expected to improve response times and operational efficiency. The Indus River, which runs through the region, further complicates coordination between the different police jurisdictions.He said that the transfer would see the Rahim Yar Khan Police taking over law enforcement duties in Bangala Ichha, Soon Miani, Kacha Jamal, Kacha Moro, and Kacha Karachi.

These areas have been notorious for harbouring criminal gangs and have seen numerous police operations with limited success. It is pertinent to mention that despite 17 major and minor police operations, the Kutcha Area remains a haven for criminal gangs such as the Lund Gang, Umrani Gang, Sakhani Gang, Lathani Gang, and Dashti Gang.

The geography of the area, along with its location at the tri-border of Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan, has made it difficult to sustain long-term peace and order. Intelligence reports have indicated that some police officers and local influential figures have been supporting these gangs.

The home department is taking strict measures to root out corruption and ensure accountability among law enforcement personnel.The home secretary shared that the Punjab Home Department is adopting a comprehensive approach to tackle the challenges in the Kutcha Area. This includes bolstering intelligence capabilities, increasing the deployment of trained personnel, and utilising advanced technology for surveillance and operations. He further shared that there is also a focus on enhancing cooperation with neighbouring provinces, particularly Sindh and Balochistan, to ensure a coordinated effort against the criminal gangs.Mengal has assured the residents of the Kutcha Area that their safety and security are the top priorities.

He urged the community to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and report any suspicious activities to help restore peace and order in the region. He said that there was no “no-go” area in Punjab because he had visited the areas of Kutcha on May 2, 2024.This reorganisation is seen as a critical step towards achieving sustained stability in one of Punjab’s most challenging regions.

The government remains committed to overcoming the long-standing issues and ensuring a peaceful future for the residents of the Kutcha Area.