KWSC introduces new policy for groundwater boring to curb water theft

Licence holders will be fined Rs5 million for stealing or selling water illegally, says KWSC spokesperson

By Suleman Saadat
May 25, 2024
A representational image of a person drinking water from hands.— AFP/File

The Sindh government on Saturday approved a new policy proposed by the Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation (KW&SC) regarding groundwater boring in a bid to curb water theft.

KWSC CEO Engr Syed Salahuddin Ahmed said that the policy has been introduced to take action against those who steal water and ensure the government's revenue.


The water supply company issued a notification which said that the licence to extract groundwater in industrial areas will be valid for two years.

Moreover, all the previous licences will be suspended as meters will be installed on all bores, read the notification. It added that licence will be mandatory for using groundwater for industrial purposes.

The notification further mentioned that each licence will have a maximum set of four bores/tube wells situated nearby. However, if someone is interested to have more than four bores, he will have to seek an additional licence.

As per the notification, five categories for groundwater — industrial, ground water operator, commercial, health care and educational institute and residential complex — have been created.

A KW&SC spokesperson said that a five-member committee has been formed for the issuance of licence.

The spokesperson maintained that the boring water corporation's line will be 330 feet away from the reservoir and the pumping station, adding that licence holders will be fined Rs5 million for stealing or selling water illegally.