Charlie Puth explains why he thought Taylor Swift's TTPD 'an AI-generated joke'

Charlie Puth reflects on Taylor Swift's song from Tortured Poets Department album

By Web Desk
May 25, 2024
Charlie Puth shares his thoughts on Taylor Swift's TTPD album

Charlie Puth has recemtly explained why he initially didn't pay heed to his name-dropping in Taylor Swift's The Tortured Poets Department album.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Charlie revealed his friend informed him about Taylor's new song which mentioned him.


"I thought it was an AI-generated joke," said the 32-year-old singer.

Charlie told the outlet, "I’m going to wake up tomorrow and it was just a big joke that someone was playing on me because someone thinks I shouldn’t be a bigger artist."

"So get the biggest artist since the Beatles to say that I should be a bigger artist," recalled Light Switch crooner.

Reflecting on Taylor'sThe Tortured Poets Department's song, Charlie heard the lyrics and stated, "It was surreal because it’s never good to look back, but I feel like I could have done things a little differently in the past,"

However, the Dangerously singer told the outlet, "It’s all meant to happen now."

Meanwhile, Charlie thanked Taylor for his latest single release, Hero after listening to her song about him.

"Just because all my stuff usually has so many layers, I’m like, 'Is this song too simple'?' There’s three sounds. I recorded this guitar with a iPhone. It’s the first time that’s happened to me where I didn’t feel the need to add more," explained the How Long crooner.

Charlie confessed, "I’d say if it weren’t for Taylor and her mentioning me, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to put this out, which is a big statement. I know."

Meanwhile, the musician added that he normally wouldn't get so personal and "hyper specific on a song," as Taylor did often, especially on her latest album.