Courteney Cox stirs up ‘Friends’ nostalgia by recreating iconic Barbados scene

Courteney Cox played Monica Geller on the hit ‘90s sitcom ‘Friends’ for its 10-season run

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Monica Geller battled with her increasingly frizzy hair throughout the gang's weekend in Barbados

Courteney Cox still struggles with the humidity, just like her character on Friends, Monica Geller.

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, April 22, the 59-year-old actress treated fans of the hit ‘90s sitcom by recreating an ongoing gag from when the gang visits Barbados.


In the video, Cox starts out inside her air-conditioned hotel room in Miami. She walks over to her balcony door and exclaims “I love Miami!” as she opens the door.

As soon as she steps outside, however, her sleek black hair suddenly transforms into a frizzy unkempt mess.

Cox then lip-syncs along to one of Monica’s most iconic lines: “It’s the humidity!”

Fans of the show would remember how Monica struggled with her hair upon landing in Barbados for her brother Ross’s seminar in the Season 8 finale.

Over the two-part episode, her hair got increasingly frizzy and unmanageable as her friends made fun of her for it.

Monica explained, “When I go places with high humidity, it gets a little extra body, okay?!”

Her husband, Chandler – played by the late Matthew Perry – then quipped, “That’s why our honeymoon looks like me and Diana Ross.”