Kylie Jenner's relationship decision with Timothée Chalamet upsets fans

Kylie Jenner decides to go different with Chalamet unlike her previous relations

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Kylie Jenner's relationship decision with Timothée Chalamet upsets fans

Kylie Jenner has left her fans disappointed by keeping her romance with Timothée Chalamet private, contrary to their expectations.

The couple's relationship, which began in January 2023, has been going strong, with recent sightings in Paris during Fashion Week.


However, in the latest season premiere of The Kardashians, titled Welcome To My Mind, Timothée was notably absent and not mentioned, leaving fans feeling let down.

Despite their desire for a glimpse into the couple's relationship, Kylie has chosen to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, unlike her previous high-profile relationships.

Although the cosmetic mogul has chosen not to feature her relationship with the actor on the show, some fans believe she hinted at her romance with the actor in the trailer for the latest season.

The mother-of-two wore a dress resembling a costume from Dune Part 2, Timothée's recent film, in the promotional clip.

Her nude, figure-hugging ensemble, complete with a hood, bore a striking resemblance to the attire worn by characters in the sci-fi thriller.

Fans were quick to notice the similarity, interpreting Kylie's outfit as a subtle nod to her boyfriend.

One penned: "Nice try with the Dune outfit Kylie. Feels like she's kinda trying to give Zendaya's look at the first dune's premiere but flopping." Another brutally added: "My first thought was hmm Is this the outfit she was gonna wear to the Dune premiere that Timothee didn't let her go to?"

Someone else wrote: "They stole dune whole look wtf, bro this whole family is never original. Kylie you should be embarrassed..." A fourth pointed out: "I'm less surprised at the dune theme and more surprised that kim is VERY much not front & center in this promo like she always is."