Scott Disick wins praise from Kris Jenner for changed lifestyle

Scott Disick also talked about health scare after car accident

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Scott Disick wins praise from Kris Jenner for changed lifestyle

Kris Jenner expressed her admiration and support for Scott Disick's journey towards a healthier lifestyle during the season 5 premiere of The Kardashians, which debuted on May 23.

The momager, 68, was visibly impressed and proud of the 40-year-old Scott, acknowledging his efforts to prioritise his well-being.


“Wow somebody has lost a lot of weight,” Kris told Scott as they shared a hug after reuniting. “You look great.”

In a confessional, Kris elaborated on how proud she was of Scott following his ups and downs in the public eye. “Scott looks great. I know he has really struggled the last year or so,” she told the cameras. “I felt like he was not in the best place and it made me really sad.”

Khloé Kardashian commented how "really healthy" the food in Scott's fridge looked during the Kris and Scott scenario.

Elsewhere in the premiere, Discik talked about having back problems and gaining weight following a car accident.

“Did you know that I might have to get back surgery from the car accident I was in?” he asked Kendall Jenner during an episode of the Hulu series. “My back sucks. I was with [my son] Mason and we were out on the little dirt bikes. He was asking me to teach him how to wheelie, so I fell backwards right onto my tailbone. Now I have dual back problems.”

After his accident, Disick was absent from The Kardashians for a while, but when he finally returned to the show, his changed appearance sparked a conversation with Khloé, 39, who noticed the difference in his looks since his health scare.