Elton John is going to release his new music album?

Elton John's close friend Bernie Taupin says music icon's album will be coming out soon

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Is Elton John going to release new album? Deets inside

Elton John is all set to release his new album, according to music icon's close friend and career-defining co-writer Bernie Taupin.

Bernie claimed that Elton's 32nd album will be coming sooner rather than later at The Other Songs Live event in London.


"Elton and I have an album coming out very soon, but I daren’t say anything about it because I’m under strict orders to keep schtum," said the lyricist, via PEOPLE.

"it’s all done and recorded," remarked the 74-year-old.

Bernie added, "I think it’s quite brilliant and quite contemporary and it will certainly surprise a lot of people and excite a lot of people and hopefully be successful."

Last September, Elton's longtime collaborator spoke to PEOPLE about the future of his work with the Tiny Dancer performer.

"Who knows — he may not do anything anymore, but we’ll definitely make another record," said Bernie.

He mentioned, "There’s no doubt about that. Just because he isn’t touring doesn’t mean he is fading to black. He’s still going to be very much active in other areas."

Bernie also reflected on Elton's music career, stating, "It was destined for [Elton] and I to live the roles that we live and it makes sense, and it’s been successful and we’re both blessed to have come out on the other end."

"I’m lucky to have come through everything and be here and happier than ever. And that’s not to disparage Elton’s career — he was the guy that should have been that face, the face on which everybody is familiar with," he added.

Bernie concluded, "Nothing will ever change. That is the legacy we’ve forged and we forged that together, and that is the most important essence of our careers. So on that level, I think we are completely the same."