Social welfare minister orders resolving issues raised by all district officers

By Our Correspondent
May 23, 2024
In this still, Sindh Social Welfare Minister Mir Tariq Ali Talpur speaks during a meeting at the Training Institute Social Welfare Department of the Government on May 22, 2024. — Facebook/Mir Tarique Ali Talpur

Sindh Social Welfare Minister Mir Tariq Ali Talpur on Wednesday conducted a meeting with all additional directors, deputy directors of the Social Welfare Department from 30 districts of the province along with Sajid Jamal Abro, secretary of the Social Welfare Department, and Director General Nisar Ahmed Shaikh


The meeting was held at the Training Institute Social Welfare Department of the government. The purpose of meeting was to gather information about the performance of all districts offices, specifically to learn about the various welfare activities they are undertaking and to understand the challenges and difficulties they are encountering while implementing these initiatives.

The representatives from all districts presented their progress to the minister, showcasing their achievements and challenges, including issues related to staffing and infrastructure, which hindered the smooth operation of social welfare activities.

The minister showed a keen interest in the presentations, engaging actively in the process by asking insightful questions and seeking clarification on various aspects of their progress reports. This demonstrated the minister’s commitment to understanding the details and challenges of the Social Welfare Department’s activities, and ensured a thorough discussion on the issues and achievements presented.

The minister instructed the director general (Administration) to document the issues raised by all the officers and forward them to his office for their prompt resolution. He underscored the importance of an innovative and dedicated work for the welfare of communities, emphasising that the Social Welfare Department should be committed to serving members of different communities in Sindh.

He stressed that any challenge or issues encountered in this regard should be promptly shared with his office, ensuring timely resolution and support in the best of public interest. He appreciated the progress and achievements of officers and motivated them to continue service delivery for community development.