Britney Spears' loved ones demand another conservatorship for her: Here's why

Britney Spears sparks mental health troubles after displaying erratic behaviour earlier this month

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
Britney Spears sparks mental health concerns after showing unstable behaviour

Britney Spears' loved ones have recently demanded another conservatorship for the singer amid her mental health woes.

TMZ reported that her loved ones, who wanted to remain anonymous, have expressed their concerns after she showed erratic behaviour earlier this month.


A source told the outlet that Britney's "mental health is in a tailspin and her closed ones fear the only way forward is to place the pop star under another conservatorship".

An insider revealed, "Britney has not been taking her mental health medications while simultaneously drinking and taking other drugs."

"Britney is in danger of hurting herself or others," remarked a tipster.

The singer is allowing her felon boyfriend Paul Soliz to "run her household and her life".

An insider claimed that it's tough to reason with Britney because her "mood swings often turn into rages that end in physical violence".

The source added, "There are times we're told it's impossible to communicate with her because she can't engage in rational conversation."

Interestingly, in a singer's documentary, the former security guard alleged that Britney's room was "bugged".

However, insiders told the outlet that there was "no bedroom surveillance".

The source clarified that the drug was smuggled to Britney during her first conservatorship, which is why, a judge reportedly signed off on an order authorising the monitoring of singer's communication devices to find out who was supplying her drugs.

Meanwhile, Britney's loved ones believed that the singer's first 13-year conservatorship ended because of her fans' support after surveillance allegations.