Ship that destroyed Baltimore bridge set to move today

May 20, 2024
The cargo ship that hit the Baltimore bridge seen in this photo.— AFP/file

WASHINGTON: A stranded cargo ship that has been blocking one of America´s busiest ports will be removed on Monday (today) nearly two months after it struck and destroyed a bridge in Baltimore, authorities said over the weekend.


The complex operation would see the nearly 1,000-foot Dali container vessel transported to a marine terminal, marking a major step in reopening the key shipping channel.

The Singapore-flagged ship lost power before it plowed into a support column of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26, causing it to collapse and killing six construction workers who had been atop the major transit route.

The accident shut down the port, though temporary channels have allowed some traffic in and out of Baltimore.

Authorities leading the salvage operation said the Dali would be prepared for refloating from midday (1600 GMT) Sunday ahead of being moved at high tide on Monday, forecast for 5:24 am.

Divers will first inspect the ship to ensure there are no obstructions after demolition experts last week used explosives to remove parts of the collapsed steel bridge trapping the Dali, which still has its 21-man crew onboard.