Heat wave pushes up demand for cold beverages, ice creams

May 20, 2024
Representational image of a customer buying an ice cream. — AFP/File

Islamabad: Ice creams, cold beverages and other dairy products are attracting customers of all age groups after the temperature has intensified in various parts of the country, including the capital city.


The demand for cold drinks, fresh juices, and dairy beverages such as ‘lassi’ has gone up, the vendors on the roadside expressed their remarks while speaking to a private news channel. “Summer is the best season for sales as a large number of customers, especially youngsters and kids, are seen enjoying local traditional beverages on roads and in shops," said a customer.

‘Imli and Aaloo Bukhara’ is a refreshing fresh juice which is better than packaged juices due to its chemical-free nature and soothing effects, opined a stallholder. "We are witnessing a jump in sales and expecting the sales to increase further in the coming few weeks" he added.

Furthermore, a roadside vendor claimed that pedestrians stopped by their carts and fought the heat by drinking the Imli Aaloo Bukhara and Satoo drinks. The hot weather has brought about a persistent heat wave, increasing the demand for cold drinks, especially ice cream, a youngster said. A shopkeeper mentioned that ‘rabri milk’ is made using creamy milk, khoya, Chinese vermicelli, chia or basil seeds, and almonds with crushed ice.