ILTC Ex-Co to discuss IC Pakistan issue at May-end

By Our Correspondent
May 20, 2024
Peter McQuibban, Chairman of the Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs (ILTC) seen in this undated photo.—

KARACHI: Peter McQuibban, Chairman of the Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs (ILTC), has said that the issue of two factions of IC Pakistan will be discussed by the ILTC Executive Committee at the end of May.


“I’ll brief the Executive Committee, which meets again at the end of May, and I look forward to hearing that everything has been resolved at the IC of Pakistan by the time of the IC Council AGM at Wimbledon,” Peter wrote in response to a letter by Hameed-ul-Haq, a member of IC Pakistan.

He added that the solution rests with the members of the IC of Pakistan and this is not going to be resolved by some sort of decree from the IC Council. “What I would very much like to receive next is a message together you are trying to resolve your differences and in which you propose a national solution.

“At the moment, I do not propose to ask the EC to take sides. I have a preference for ICs to try and resolve their local issues and differences before raising them with the IC Council,” said Peter.

Hameed had written to Peter that Salim Saifullah Khan, who assumed the charge of President of one faction of IC Pakistan recently, is not a member of IC Pakistan and as per the ILTC constitution a non-member can’t be elected directly to the office.

“Furthermore, the genuine members of IC Pakistan organised AGM meeting to elect Shafat Ahmed as the President through proper votes casted in an election,” said Hameed. Hence, said Hameed, “we are looking towards you (Chairman ILTC Council) to accept democratically elected IC Pakistan instead of that body which was nominated and handed over/taken over unconstitutionally.

“The entire tennis fraternity here is shocked on such sudden selection of Salim as President of IC Pakistan without the consent of any ILTC members. Hope you can resolve this issue and clear the confusion once and for all,” said Hameed. He suggested to Peter to send a neutral individual to assess the situation on ground in Pakistan and inform ILTC Council to make decisions based on facts.