Prince Harry's instant reaction revealed when he saw Meghan Markle on their wedding day

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex exchanged vows in a grand Royal Wedding

By Web Desk
May 19, 2024
The former working royal tied the knot at St George's Chapel in Windsor in 2018

Prince Harry was reportedly 'blown away' by Meghan Markle during a special moment on their wedding day, according to a body language expert.

The couple are celebrating six years of marriage today.


Six years ago today, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex exchanged vows in a grand Royal Wedding hosted at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018.

Millions around the world watched as the royal and his American bride exchanged their vows, culminating months of anticipation leading up to the big day.

However, one specific moment during the royal wedding appeared to have a profound impact on Harry, alleviating his tension, as noted by body language analyst Darren Stanton.

Speaking toBetfair Live Casino, Darren said Harry seemed "nervous" while waiting for Meghan to arrive on their wedding day. But she on the other hand appeared "calm" and "confident", with everything "falling into place" once she entered the church.

Describing the impact of her entrance on Harry, he said: “When Harry first saw Meghan on their wedding day, Harry was blown away. He couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t stop looking her in the eyes. This shows how real their connection is.

"As soon as they locked eyes with each other, Harry’s body language relaxed. It shows how connected they are as a couple. It means that when they are together and can be themselves, but also feel comfortable when they have each other by their side."