Salman Khan was the first preference for 'Ghajini' over Aamir Khan: DEETS inside

Aamir Khan's starrer Ghajini was released on 25 December 2008 worldwide

By Web Desk
May 19, 2024
Salman Khan was the first preference for 'Ghajini' over Aamir Khan: DEETS inside

It has been recently revealed that the Bollywood actor Salman Khan was the initial choice for Ghajini, rather than Aamir Khan.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Pradeep Rawat, who played the antagonist in Ghajini, revealed that director AR Murugadoss initially wanted to cast Salman Khan for the film.


Pradeep voiced concerns about the Tiger 3 actor's reputed short temper, suggesting it could lead to complications that the director might struggle to handle effectively.

He said, "Murugadoss used to keep saying ‘I want to make it in Hindi, I want to make it in Hindi."

“I thought in my mind ‘Salman is short-tempered and Murugdoss doesn’t speak in English or Hindi. He didn’t even have a personality back then."

Pradeep concluded that Aamir’s composed demeanor made him a more suitable choice for the role.

He explained, “I thought Aamir would be the right choice for the role because he was cool-tempered and behaves respectfully with everyone. In the past 25 years, I have not seen Aamir shout or yell at anyone."

"He has never disrespected anyone or used abusive language. So I thought, nature-wise, Salman cannot be handled or there would be unnecessary complications."

Ghajini starring Aamir Khan andAsin Thottumkal in lead roles, was released on25 December 2008 globally.