SNL: Jake Gyllenhaal points gun at Sabrina Carpenter

Jake Gyllenhaal, Sabrina Carpenter starred in Saturday Night Live 'Scooby Doo' parody

By Web Desk
May 19, 2024

In the Saturday Night Live finale episode, host Jake Gyllenhaal threatened musical guest Sabrina Carpenter with a gun during a parody of Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery of the Shadow Phantom.

In the NBC comedy sketch’s episode aired on Saturday, May 18, the Road House star imitated Fred, while the Espresso hitmaker played Daphne, joined by Sarah Sherman as Velma and Mikey Day as Shaggy along with a CGI Scooby.


In the Scooby-doo short video, the blue-green mystery machine’s crew entered the spooky house to hunt down the shadow phantom.

After Scooby knocked down the villain in the classic Scooby way, Fred tore off Phantom’s mask to find Old Man Franklin. However, Fred continued to tear off a second mask, which led him to accidentally rip off Franklin's face, resulting in a bloody mess.

Things took a frightful turn as Scooby ate the torn-off human flesh, Shaggy lost his arm in a secret passage, and Velma was decapitated by piano wire.

This bloodshed drove Fred to madness, prompting him to pull out a gun and kill all witnesses, including a cop and a man behind a painting with creepy eyes.

Fred then threatened Daphne, warning her to stay silent about the eerie bloodbath or face death. Before she could react, Scooby ended the chaos by shooting Fred dead, delivering the cold line, "Ruh-roh, b----."