Traditional match-making culture undergoing transformation

By Our Correspondent
May 19, 2024
This Representational image shows a groom holding his bride's hand. — AFP/File

Islamabad : The ‘rishta’ culture in Pakistan has long been a cornerstone of marriage traditions, but it often comes with challenges such as superficial judgments, limited individual choice, and societal pressures.


To transform this 'rishta' culture, Muzz, a marriage-app, has unveiled its #MeriBhiSunLo campaign to provide people with a way to find their life partner on their own terms while still respecting their heritage, according to its representative.

He said the traditional ‘rishta’ culture in Pakistan, while cherished by many, can sometimes feel restrictive.

"Family involvement is key, which is wonderful for honouring tradition and our religious values. But it can also lead to a situation where singles themselves have little say in who they meet. A woman might be judged primarily on her looks and family background, while a man's career and earning potential take centre-stage."

He said the message is clear: finding a life partner shouldn't be a passive experience, and everyone deserves a voice in shaping their own happily ever after.

Veteran actor Salman Shahid delivered the line ‘Aap ka rishta, aap ke haath mein' in the campaign.

"We allow users to curate their profiles, showcase their passions and interests, and connect with like-minded individuals. We also prioritise Islamic values and incorporates features such as chaperone mode and photo-blurring to ensure a respectful and propriety-focused experience."