Northern Lights to be visible again in THESE parts of UK

Aurora Borealis to once again captivate UK residents

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
Northern Lights may grace parts of UK again. — Reuters/File

UK to experience Northern Lights again over the weekend making the phenomenon visible for a second time in a week, as per the Met Office.

“People in London have been told not to be too hopeful of spotting the aurora as it's set to appear in parts of the UK later tonight,” a spokesman from the weather company has said, according to Mirror.


When the natural light event was visible from the capital and parts of the south east, thousands of people were left surprised last weekend. Places like Primrose Hill and Muswell Hill treated many people to the incredible views.

With some praying for a similar performance this weekend, several people have been keeping an eye on when exactly they might be able to catch a glimpse of those views again.

The arrival of the views from Friday is likely to bring some enhancement to the aurora, as per the Met Office.

Moreover, a spokesman for the weather service said: “The aurora may become visible perhaps very briefly for parts of northern Scotland where skies are clear before sunrise.

Activity expected to decline through the day with no significant activity expected overnight from May 18 into the 19th. So unfortunately there is little to no chance of seeing anything in London tonight and only a small chance in northern Scotland towards dawn. There is no aurora expected the following night.”