Have Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie not been given due rights because of Prince Andrew's history?

The monarch's nieces are not working members of the Royal Family

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
It is argued that Prince Andrew's daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, would make great options as working royals

It is believed that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have not been given their due rights because of the controversy surrounding their father Prince Andrew with Jeffrey Epstein.

A PR expert exclusively told GB News that King Charles likely wants to avoid "stirring up conversations" about Andrew's daughters.


In 2024, the Royal Family faced a shortage of working members due to various health concerns.

In January, it was announced that both Princess Kate, 42, and King Charles, 75, were hospitalized at The London Clinic for different operations. The Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery, while the King had a corrective operation for an enlarged prostate.

The following month, it was revealed that King Charles had been diagnosed with a form of cancer unrelated to his prostate.

In March, Princess Kate recorded a video from her home in Adelaide Cottage to announce she had begun a course of preventative chemotherapy for cancer.

As a result, Queen Camilla, Prince William, Princess Anne, and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have had to take on the bulk of royal duties.

Many commentators have argued that Prince Andrew's daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, would make great options as working royals amid the current shortages.

However, Luana Ribeira, a business and PR expert and founder of Dauntless PR, spoke exclusively to GB News, explaining that this could have negative consequences.

She said: "If Beatrice and Eugenie become more involved in official duties, this is likely to stir up discussions further."

Their father, the Duke of York, 64, stepped down from royal duties in 2019 and was stripped of his honorary military titles in 2022.

Following his disastrous Newsnight interview in 2019, where he famously discussed his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew was forced to step back from public life.

Ribeira claimed that making Beatrice and Eugenie working royals could lead to Prince Andrew returning to public life.

She added: "It could be interpreted by some as King Charles offering his brother a way back into life as a working royal himself."

This comes as Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice wereincluded in a popularity pollfor the first time this year.

Eugenie and Beatrice are both liked by 37 per cent of Britons.