King Charles, Prince William exposed for 'callous' handling of Prince Andrew

King Charles, Prince William have been warned about impending PR disaster

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
King Charles, Prince William exposed for 'callous' handling of Prince Andrew

Royal family has been blasted for their hypocritical approach toward disgraced Prince Andrew despite his history of offences.

Speaking to the Daily Express, PR expert Ed Coram-James criticized King Charles and co. for refusing to fully take a position against the Duke of York as he remains embroiled in multiple heinous allegations.


"They (the Royal Family) have kept him close enough to make it clear that he is still very much part of the family, and thus to an extent protected."

"The Royal Family’s 'middle-way' handling of the Prince Andrew saga hasn’t helped. It has made things worse for them,” explained the expert.

Coram-James continued: "It has been uncharacteristically callous for a family that time and again has proven to be so adroit at crisis management. By middle way, I mean that they have not taken a position.

"They have distanced themselves from him to a certain extent, in the hopes that, by creating distance, they themselves are shaded from the worst parts of public scrutiny concerning the allegations."

He shared: "Andrew remains within the fold enough that the Royal Family has been affected by the negativity that comes with the York brand.

"But, he is not kept close enough that he is able to be a useful working royal, at a time when working royals are in desperately short supply.