Google boosts battery life by 3 hours in new Android 15

Google I/O event: Google unveils new features in Android 15 such as Private Space, and App pairs, among others

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
Android 15 speeds up how fast your phone enters doze mode, improving standby battery life. — Android Authority/File

Earlier this week, Google revealed that Android 15 will have increased battery standby time as compared to other devices, Phone Arena reported.

At its Google I/O event, the company announced that it had improved its battery life by up to 3 hours on some models. They were able to achieve this by speeding up the time that devices take to enter Doze mode in Android 15 by 50%.


Doze mode is when the system automatically restricts app activity and access to the system in order to save battery.

It also stops apps that haven’t been used in a while from running in the background.

Vice President of the engineering department at the Android platform, Dave Burke, told Android Authority that, "For Android 15, we’ve sped up the time to doze by 50%. So we get into doze 50% faster, and the result is that on some devices, we tested up to 3 hours longer standby power. And that’s sort of a general improvement in 15 that applies to all devices."

This improved battery life will also be seen in the upcoming Wear OS 6.

In addition to this, Google also revealed some new features that will be available in Android 15, such as Private Space, and App pairs, among others.