Benny Blanco tries hard to win Selena Gomez with expensive gesture

Benny Blanco goes heavy on girlfriend ahead of first anniversary

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
Benny Blanco tries hard to win Selena Gomez with expensive gesture

Benny Blanco is happily spending fortune on his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Blanco, 36, told on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday that how much date nights excites him and how enthusiastically he plans.


The music director is gushing over his girl and recalled his endeavours, ahead of their one-year anniversary in July, he did for the first Valentine’s.

"I want to do something that she loves," Blanco told Stern, 70, recalling the romantic day.

"She loves movies, so I rented out a movie theater. And she loves a comfortable couch, so I took out the seats and we put like a huge couch in the front."

"I was like, 'What are all her favorite foods?' " he continued. "I spoke with her grandma, I spoke with her mom, her best friend and this is what I came up with."

The music producer later detailed how he prepared tons of snacks, including fried pickles for that he brought a deep fryer, items from Taco Bell, Hot Cheetos and "movie theatre nachos," for their date night.

"I brought in a nacho machine, and then we watched — you know, her favorite movie growing up was Almost Famous, so we watched Almost Famous, we ate the f***ing nachos and that's what she loves," he said. "She's, like, the easiest."

"You're knocking it out of the park," Stern replied to the story. "I see love here. I'm predicting marriage."

"You and me both," Blanco responded.

The Calm Down singer goes Instagram official with Blanco in December. She later revealed that the two were privately dating for "six months."